The Eagle Eye is a single-fire Nerf blaster that was released under the Max Force series in 1994.

It comes packaged with three Mega Darts.


It slightly resembles an eagle to keep in the theme with the Max Force blasters. It features a two-dart storage, which snaps onto the top of the blaster.

It is the first blaster to have an integrated light inside of it; it was advertised as a "laser sight", which is rather a concentrated beam of red light. This is comparable to the N-Strike Dual-Mode Light Beam accessory.  Effectively the Eagle Eye was the predecessor for the much more compact Nite Finder which would come nearly a decade later.


The Eagle Eye was spiritually succeeded in 1997 by the Laser Fang under the Max Force 2112 series. Despite this, it was still available for sale for an extended period of time as the blaster was given the 1998 updated packaging scheme.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Eagle Eye, place a single dart into the front barrel; two more can be stored in the top dart storage. Pull back the bolt to prime the blaster.

Pull the firing trigger to fire a dart.


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