Not to be confused with the N-Strike Elite eighteen dart clip.

An eighteen dart clip is a dart clip that comes packaged with the Stampede ECS.

It is not sold separately, unlike the six dart clips.


As its name suggests, it holds eighteen Streamline Darts. It is also compatible with Elite Darts. Its design is almost identical to that of the six dart clip, save for the longer length. The clip is quite useful and can also be used with other clip system blasters. There are two rubber footers at the bottom to keep the clip from getting scratched on the ground. They are flush with the design. It also will not balance correctly if used with the Pop-Out Bipod.


  • It sometimes has problems working with the Recon CS-6.
  • Although officially available only with the Stampede, it can be purchased by itself second-hand, on websites such as eBay.