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Eighteen dart clip (N-Strike Elite)

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Eighteen dart clip
Ammunition type heldElite Darts
Average retail price10.99 USD

Not to be confused with the N-Strike eighteen dart clip.

The eighteen dart clip, also known as an eighteen dart quick reload clip, is an N-Strike Elite dart clip.

It comes packaged with the Rapidstrike CS-18. It is also sold separately and is packaged with the Rapid Strike Mission Kit and Stryfe CS-18 Mission Kit.


As the name states, it can hold up to eighteen Elite Darts at a time. Like the twelve dart clip, one side is clear, which allows users to see how much ammunition they have left. Despite this, the design of the clip only permits easy viewing of the remaining darts for left handed users.

Color schemes

The eighteen dart clip has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Standard (orange)
  • Clear plastic


The clip can be reversed through modification to allow the accommodation of right handed users.


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