The Elastic/Nylon Football Launcher is a Nerf-branded dog toy that was released in 2013 under the Nerf Dog series.


It is a toy that can be used for throwing games, such as fetch. As the name suggests, it is made out of elastic and nylon so that dogs will not break it as it is being played with. The launching is completed by one placing their thumb into the front section, pulling back the football with the other hand, and releasing after aiming in the direction they wish to launch the football. The football is tethered onto a handle for it to easily be launched. The toy itself is approximately seventeen inches long and comes in two different colors.

It is very similar to the Nylon Tuff Tug Football Rope although both products differ as to what game they are intended to be played with.


It was released in the first line of Nerf Dog products. It was first unveiled at a SuperZoo convention in July, 2013.

Color schemes

The Elastic/Nylon Football Launcher comes in the following color schemes;

  • Neon green and black
  • Red and black