The Stampede ECS, an example of an ECS blaster.

An electronic clip system (abbreviated as ECS with N-Strike number codes) blaster is a category of automatic Nerf blasters in the N-Strike and N-Strike Elite series.


As the name states, these blasters are operated by battery power and are reloaded and fired using the clip system. They do not have a manual fire mode and can only be used when powered by batteries. ECS blasters either have motorized direct plunger internals or flywheel system internals.

ECS blasters

Name Year
Stampede Stampede ECS 2010
CamECS Cam ECS-12 2014
Modulus Modulus ECS-10 2015

Other ECS blasters

The following are also electronic clip system blasters, as they are clip system blasters and are also powered by batteries. However, they have not been labeled as ECS blasters for unknown reasons.

Name Year
Hailfire product Hail-Fire 2012
81-nZFUL1TL. AA1500 Rayven CS-18 2012
Rapidstrike CS-18 RapidStrike CS-18 2013
Elite Rayven Rayven CS-18 2013
NSE Rayven Stinger Rayven Stinger 2013
Stryfe Stryfe 2013
Demolisher Demolisher 2-In-1 2014
Unknown Rayvenfire 2017

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