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Barricade RV-10

The Barricade RV-10, an example of an electronic revolver.

An electronic revolver (abbreviated as RV with N-Strike number codes) is a category of Nerf blasters in the N-Strike series.


As the name states, they are battery-operated revolvers; they use battery power to fire and rotate the blaster's barrels. Electronic revolvers use a flywheel to fire the darts loaded in the blaster. The only known blaster of this kind is the Barricade RV-10. Its flywheel is very noisy, making it somewhat disliked by some fans.

A successor to the Barricade, called the Stockade, was released in August 2012 under the N-Strike Elite series; it is technically an electronic revolver, despite not having a number code in its name. It is to date the latest electronic revolver, as the majority of electronic blasters released since then have been flywheel blasters.

It is one of three electronic-based N-Strike series, the others being electronic clip system and electronic belt fed blasters.

Electronic revolver blasters

Name Year
Barricade RV-10 Barricade RV-10 2010
Stockade Stockade 2013

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