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Element EX-6
Blaster typeSingle-fire dart blaster (direct plunger)
Stock ammunition typeMicro Darts
Sonic Micro Darts (UK only)
Stock capacity6
Sizeabout 9" (22.86cm) long
Weight0.5 lbs. (0.22kg)
Year released2008
Average retail priceN/A

The Element EX-6 is an external single-fire Nerf blaster that was released in 2008 under the N-Strike series.

It comes packaged in the Element EX-6 Action Kit and the Disk Shot Set.

It is a Toys "R" Us exclusive.


The Element closely resembles the Switch Shot EX-3 and the Nite Finder EX-3, with the exception of its large dart storage which can hold five extra darts. It is slightly larger than the Switch Shot and the Nite Finder, but is actually lighter than them when no accessories are on the blaster. The blaster features one tactical rail and one strap point located on the end of its handle.


This blaster was originally only part of the 2007 Disk Shot Set. It was given its own blaster set in 2008.

Blaster sets

The Element can be found in the Disk Shot Set, packaged with no accessories, and the Element EX-6 Action Kit, packaged with a tactical scope and a light beam unit.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Element, load a dart into its muzzle.

Pull the plunger tube back to prime the blaster. Pull the trigger to fire a dart.

Streamline Darts will not work with this blaster.


  • By tying a string connecting the two plunger tubes, it is possible to dual wield the Element.
  • Because Elite Darts and Streamline Darts lack the large dart head of any derivation of the Micro Dart, they easily slide too far down into the dart storage, making it hard to remove them to reload the blaster. Therefore, despite their superior ranges, Elite Darts would not be optimum ammunition for this weapon.
  • A bootleg of the Element was released by an Leyuan, a Chinese pirate company, named the Crossfire Gun: Super Blaster. While not made from the same quality materials it still retains the performance of an original Element. However, the pirate version has one less dart holder and the dart heads are easily detached from the body. It can hold up to five darts at a time but the pirate blaster only comes with four darts.


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