Not to be confused with the Clue Elimination blaster set.

The Elimination Game is a Nerf blaster set that was released in 2008.

It comes packaged with four Eliminator blasters, eight Whistler Darts, and game instructions.


The Elimination Game is played much like a regular game of Elimination (more commonly known as Assassin).[1]


This set was succeeded by the 2012 Clue Elimination blaster set, which featured a similar concept but with the theme from the board game Clue.

This would be the first time the Eliminator would be sold with under its current moniker; when it was sold with the Hyperfire Deluxe 2-Player Set, it was simply referred to as a "Micro Blaster".


  • Unlike other blaster sets, the Elimination Game comes packaged with only red Eliminators.

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