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Elite Dart
123366 S
Performance information
Ammunition typeDart
Head typeStreamlined
Size2.75 ln (7 cm) long
Release information
Year released2012

The Elite Dart is a type of Nerf dart.


Like Streamline Darts, Elite Darts are compatible with standard N-Strike clips and drums.

Despite their ability to be used in Streamline Dart clips and drums, Elite Darts have differences from their predecessor dart type. The color scheme is different, as well as having a shorter tip plug than Streamline Darts for better compatibility with more blasters. The weight of Elite Darts is also slightly different when compared to Streamline Darts (approximately 1 gram for Elite Darts and 1.3 grams for Streamline Darts).


It has been demonstrated that Elite Darts shoot farther than Streamlines, most likely due to the aforementioned changes. Commercials claim that these darts go seventy-five feet when fired from an Elite blaster, but like Streamlines, they vary in range and accuracy. These darts are more accurate than regular Streamlines.

A UK Nerfer has used Streamlines against Elites in blasters in a head-to-head competetion. Blasters used were granted anywhere from a 10% to a 20% increase in overall range. Blasters with higher stock ranges were also found to yield the highest advantage from the use of Elites. Another discovered edge was that Elite Darts are much more aerodynamically stable than Streamlines. At higher dart speed, Elite Darts were less prone to unintended trajectory disruption by "fishtailing"; Elite Darts essentially outperform Streamlines in all favorable ways.

Backwards compatibility

Blasters that are able to fire Streamline Darts or Micro Darts are able to fire Elite Darts as well. This includes all clip system blasters. They have also been shown to work very well in the clip-fed Dart Tag blasters.

The original Longshot CS-6 has a reputation for unreliability when fed with Elite Darts.[citation needed]


The Elite Dart has one variant: the Suction Dart.

Color schemes

The Elite Dart has been released in the following color schemes:

Compatible blasters

There are fifteen blasters that use Elite Darts as their primary ammo:

N-Strike Elite

N-Strike re-releases

Refill sizes

Elite Dart refill packs come in the following sizes:

Size Price
EliteDart12 12 5.99 USD
EliteDartSE 12 (Special Edition Elite Darts) 7.99 USD
Eighteendartclipbox 18 (includes an eighteen dart clip) 9.99 USD
Hailfireupgradekit 24 (Hail-Fire Upgrade Kit) 14.99 USD
EliteDart30 30 9.99 USD
EliteDart75 75 19.99 USD
EliteAmmoBox 100 (includes two six dart clips) (Ammo Box) 29.99 USD


  • It was originally rumored that Elite Darts would have been able to whistle and stick to walls. A concept mock-up claimed that it would have been like a combination of a Whistler Dart, a Micro Dart, and a Streamline Dart. This concept was later partially realized with the Elite Suction Darts.
  • There are, so far, 5 dart letter types: "A" comes with the Rough Cut 2x4, the Rapidstrike CS-18 and the Reflex IX-1. "K" with the Strongarm, and Retaliator, "W" with the Firestrike, Jolt, and Triad, "J" with most refill packs (including the "Special Edition" versions) and clip system N-Strike Elite Blasters, and "T" with the Alpha Trooper CS-12.


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