Elite Repaint is an unofficial sub-series of Nerf N-Strike blasters.


These blasters and accessories feature blue plastic casings and a color scheme similar to N-Strike Elite blasters, but are still marketed as N-Strike on their packaging; they also do not feature Elite-class ranges.

These blasters are packaged with Elite Darts with the exception of the Nite Finder EX-3 and Maverick REV-6, which are packaged with Micro Darts.


They were officially released in 2013. The Jolt and Reflex IX-1 began to be sold in some stores just before Christmas 2012.

Two more products began to surface in early 2014; the Nite Finder EX-3 and Maverick REV-6, two fan favorites that had both received successors in the N-Strike Elite line.

Elite Repaint products


Name Year
Elitecolorbarrelbreak Barrel Break IX-2 2013
Elite jolt 1 Jolt 2013
Elitelikereflex Reflex IX-1 2013
353-1619294aSSUC1572968X Vulcan EBF-25 2013
Maverick-elite Maverick REV-6 2014
NiteFinder-elitebox Nite Finder EX-3 2014
Elite Longshot Longshot CS-6 2015


Name Year
PTRU1-19457091dt 10 Mile FRS Walkie Talkie 2015
71W0dMaTFBL. SL1500 Walkie Talkie Set ?


  • While these blasters are labeled as N-Strike on their packaging, and feature the N-Strike logo, they are listed as N-Strike Elite on international versions of Hasbro's official Nerf website.[1][2]
  • The Jolt repaints have an additional plastic mold to keep the muzzle orange, since the whole shell from the original Jolt was orange, but obstructs the sight from the original version. The Barrel Break no longer includes the tactical ammunition storage accessory.
  • The Reflex IX-1's repaint variation came in two separate versions; one with the new slide, and one with the original slide.
  • The Jolt's plunger tube in the original Jolt had a screw, while the new repaint has a nail instead. Some versions of the Jolt came with a gray trigger and plunger, apart from the orange trigger and plunger.


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