The logo of the Elite XD feature as seen on the Demolisher's packaging.

Elite XD (or Mega XD) is a blaster performance feature within the N-Strike Elite and N-Strike Mega series.


Blasters equipped with Elite XD feature more powerful internals, which supposedly boost firing range up to ninety or eighty-five feet (twenty-seven or twenty-five meters in Europe) depending on the blaster.

Hasbro's performance claims are however, not true, as blasters re-released in 2014 to be Elite XD blasters feature little or no boost in firing ranges.[1]


Elite XD was introduced in 2014. Every new blaster released under the N-Strike Elite series that year featured a performance boost compared to previous blasters; re-releases of older blasters with supposedly upgraded internals also came out that year. However, the re-releases were tested to not feature performance boosts.[1]

Elite XD products

Name Year
CamECS Cam ECS-12 2014
Demolisher Demolisher 2-In-1 2014
EliteXDFirestrike Firestrike 2014
RapidstrikeXD RapidStrike CS-18 2014
XDRETALIATOR Retaliator 2014
Rhino-Fire Rhino-Fire 2014
RoughCut2x42014-0 Rough Cut 2x4 2014
Stockade XD Stockade 2014
Strongarm-EliteXD Strongarm 2014
4FFA132F50569047F5CE5D461415BE52-1- Stryfe 2014
TriadXD Triad EX-3 2014
Ojeat Alpha Trooper CS-6 2015
Nerf Crossbolt CrossBolt 2015
Nerf-elite-rampage Rampage 2015

Mega XD products

Name Year
1374765 356638724470310 636488361 n Magnus 2014
Poodsadsad Mega ThunderBow 2014
CycloneShock CycloneShock 2015
LightningBow Lightning Bow 2015
RotoFury RotoFury 2015


  • Elite XD is known as NCV in Japan.


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