The Element EX-6, an example of an external single fire blaster.

An external single fire (abbreviated as EX with N-Strike number codes) blaster is a type of single-fire dart blaster. They are loaded by the muzzle and often have dart holders located on the blaster for quick reload.


External single fire blasters are direct plunger blasters, giving them strong firing power. No external single fire blaster but the Jolt EX-1 accepts Streamline Darts. With the exception of the Triad EX-3, all external single fire blasters are single-shot blasters and must be reloaded after each shot.

Because of their direct plunger system, they are very popular for modifications; an exception to this is the Jolt, which is so small, it does not even have room for any modifications except for re-barreling and the removal of its air restrictor.

EX blasters also have the ability to "bow-fire", where the blaster is fired by letting go of the priming handle while holding down the trigger, close to the way a bow and arrow is fired. This offers a slightly quicker shot and allows the user to chose how much power is in each shot. Other blaster types may still be able to do this but will suffer a decrease in performance.

External single fire blasters


Name Year
Element Element EX-6 2008
Joltex1 Jolt EX-1 2011
66EAE2B4D56FE1124D8A7462910EB961 Nite Finder EX-3 2004
Nerf switch shot ex3 Switch Shot EX-3 2008

N-Strike Elite

Name Year
Nerf N strike elite Triad ex 3 Triad EX-3 2013

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