The Extreme Dart is a type of Buzz Bee dart.


Extreme Darts were released for the Air Warriors EXTREME series; they are only compatible with blasters from that series. Similar to that of a Nerf Elite Dart or an X-Shot Excel Dart, they are designed to increase firing ranges.

The difference between the Extreme Dart and a regular Micro Dart is a molded plastic insert on the tip of the dart, as well as a different foam composition. This causes the dart to not work in certain blasters such as the Nerf Strongarm.[1]


The Extreme Dart was launched in refill packs in 2013. Previous releases of the Panther and Range Master included regular Buzz Bee Micro Darts.

Compatible blasters

Refill sizes

Extreme Darts refill packs come in the following sizes:

Image Size Price
ExtremeDart12 12 4.99 USD[2]
ExtremeDart18 18 4.99 USD[1]


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