The Falcon Foam Glider set is a Buzz Bee dart blaster set that was released under the Air Warriors Flying Toys series.

It comes packaged with a Foam Glider resembling a jet.


The Falcon Foam Glider set features an extremely basic blaster with an ammunition similar to Nerf's Aero Glider ammunition; an arrow-esque type of ammunition with unusually large wings. However, the Falcon's ammunition is designed to resemble a jet, while the Aero Glider is not.

The included blaster is a basic, single-fire blaster that lacks a barrel. Instead, the Foam Glider slips onto the top of the blaster and is locked into place by the blaster's catch mechanism. The idea of the dart situated on the top of the blaster and the blaster itself acting merely as a catch has been implemented in the past with some blasters such as the Nerf Atom Blaster, which also does not require cocking. The blaster is advertised to fire up to sixty feet.


The Falcon is perhaps most notable for its included ammunition; two new types of arrows, both of which resembling different types of jets. The Gliders, although similar in size, vary in color and design.

The orange Glider features a jet-like design and an area at the front of it where a hand can be placed when loading the Glider. It also features two wings at the back of it, which could possibly be used as an iron sight. The blue Glider is very similar to a regular plane and has no iron sights on it. It does, however, feature the same hand rest at the top of it.


This set was among the first products to be discovered in the Air Warriors Flying Toys line. It was first discovered in January of 2014.

Reloading and firing

To reload the Falcon, load up to one Glider in the front of the blaster. Pull back the Glider until the catch mechanism locks it into place.

Pull the trigger to fire a Glider.