The fifteen dart chain is a Nerf dart chain.

It comes packaged with the Razorbeast and was also sold in a refill pack with fifteen Mega Darts.


Holding up to fifteen Mega Darts at a time, it is the highest capacity Mega Dart chain. It could also be linked together with other chains to provide more ammunition to a single blaster. It is compatible with its patron blaster, the Chainblazer, and the RotoTrack. The fifteen dart chain came in three sets of five; the amount of links between the chains is the easiest way to tell this chain apart from the the eight dart chain, which comes in two sets of four.

This chain was known for its reliability issues, as the chain caused a wide variety of problems, most notably jamming. Some of these problems were fixed with the introduction of the twelve dart chain.


It was replaced by the 1997 twelve dart chain, which was included with the RotoTrack.