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The logo for Firefly Tech.

Not to be confused with Firefly REV-8.

Firefly Tech is a "technology" popularized with the Rayven CS-18 and the Lumitron and used throughout the Light It Up sub-series.


Firefly Tech allows for glow-in-the-dark darts and discs to be "charged" while they are being fired or held. These clips requires three AA batteries to operate the Firefly Tech clip. Blasters with Firefly Tech or Firefly Tech clips are the only blasters that come with the ability to charge and fire glowing darts.

Firefly Tech-powered products


Name Year
81-nZFUL1TL. AA1500 Rayven CS-18 (N-Strike) 2012
Lumitron Lumitron 2012
Nerf elite rayven Rayven CS-18 (N-Strike Elite) 2013


Name Year
Fireflyclip Firefly Tech clip 2012
81-HSqHx1rL. AA1500 Firefly Tech magazine 2012


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