The FireStorm is a Koosh ring shooter that was released in 1999 under the Koosh Vortex series.


The FireStorm has the highest ammo capacity of all the Vortex blasters; it features a large revolving drum that holds six Spin Fire Rings, surpassing every other blaster in the series in terms of ammo capacity. This also enables the FireStorm to fire rings in much faster succession compared to its predecessor, the Tornado.


The FireStorm was first introduced in September 1999. The blaster was originally exclusively sold at Target stores for a brief period of time was released to critical acclaim.[1]

Just a year later in September 2000, the blaster was discontinued.[2]


The FireStorm has little to no potential for modifications. Several areas of the blaster are glued shut, preventing the blaster from being opened.[3]

The blaster had similar internals to the Tornado.[3]

Reloading and firing

To reload the FireStorm, slide the priming handle back to unlock the drum. Load up to six SpinFire Rings into the drum and slide the priming handle forward to prime the blaster. The blaster will rotate its drum in a clockwise manner.[4]

Pull the trigger to fire a ring.


Official videos


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