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Blaster typeSingle-fire ring shooter100 8456
Ammunition typeSpinFire Rings
FeaturesIntegrated ring drum, integrated shoulder stock
Firing rangeThe Firestorm performs similarly to other Koosh Vortex blasters and achieves incredible distance of sixty to seventy feet.[1]
ReliabilityThis blaster mainly jams due to human error or poor maintenance of the rings. The Firestorm can fire rings nearly dead accurate[2], but the rings can catch wind easily and blow off course.[3]
Rate of fireThe Firestorm can fire about one ring per second. This rate of fire is only slowed by how lengthy the draw is.
CapacityUnlike most Vortex blasters that only hold one ring, the Firestorm holds six.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassAn older but very potent blaster. The Firestorm fired ranges never before seen at the time and can still outgun some modern blasters in terms of range. The ammo type is a little strange and can be affected by the elements easily, but nevertheless, the Firestorm is an excellent blaster.


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