The Firevision Sports Baseball Set is a Nerf product set that was released in 2014 under the Firevision Sports sub-series.

It comes packaged with a Firevision Sports bat, two Firevision Sports baseballs, and a pair of Firevision Sports Frames.


Like most of the other Firevision Sports products, the Firevision Baseball Set is designed to be played with in the dark. Because of this, all included items have the ability to be seen in the dark with the use of the included Firevision Sports Frames.

The Firevision Sports baseball is designed similarly to a wiffle ball, in which it has a set of peforations on one side, except that it has a slightly heavier construction. In addition, the peforations are of a curved, angular design. Running through the center of the ball is a strip where the reflective materials are placed. 


This is currently the only way to obtain Firevision Sports baseballs or a Firevision Sports bat. This could be regarded as the successor to the Curve Pitch Baseball Set, as it is the latest baseball-related product to be released.