Firevision Sports Frames are a Nerf product that that was released in 2012 under the Firevision Sports sub-series. They require four alkaline "A76" batteries; unlike other products, these are packaged and provided for the user.

They can be found packaged with the Firevision Sports Football, Firevision Sports Hyper Bounce Ball, and the Firevision Sports Nerfoop set. They can also be purchased separately.


The Firevision Sports Frames are essentially a pair of glasses without the lenses (hence the name "Frames"). On the outside of the top of the glasses are team-colored LED lights; this "Microprism Technology" causes the colored light reflect off of Firevision Sports products, giving the ball their respective team color, and also makes them easier to see in the dark.

The glasses have a range of over a hundred feet

Because they do not have lenses, Firevision Sports Frames are not recommended for Nerf war usage.

Color schemes

The glasses come in the following color schemes:

  • Red and black
  • Green and black


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