Flip-Up Sight

An example of a flip-up sight

A flip-up sight is a tactical rail accessory that is used to judge distance or improve accuracy without barrel extensions to help the user aim their blaster.


A flip-up sight can either be used as a traditional iron sights to compensate for gravity or as a guide to increase accuracy. The tab can be raised on the grooves to compensate for gravity and for aiming purposes. When in a lowered position, flip-up sights will also act as an iron sight as both variations have guides in their lowered positions.

Some blasters also have built-in flip-up sights, such as the Longstrike CS-6, which features a flip-up sight at the end of the barrel extension, despite the fact that it comes with a separate flip-up sight.


The first flip-up sight was sold with the Recon CS-6.

With the dawn of the N-Strike Elite series in 2012, most N-Strike blasters were dropped from production, including both blasters that were sold with flip-up sights. With the exception of the Retaliator, which features a small flip-up sight on the end of its barrel extension, there has not been a blaster released with a flip-up sight since the Longstrike CS-6 in 2010. Because of this, the future of the flip-up sight is currently unknown.

Types of flip-up sights

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