A Stockade's flywheel system.

A flywheel is an internal component of some Nerf blasters. It is used in mainly electronic blasters. It is comprised of three basic parts: two horizontal rotationary wheels and a plastic tube in the center. The plastic tube, known as the pusher mechanism, functions much like a plunger, as it feeds the dart into the flywheels.


Most of the time, the flywheel is part of something called a flywheel system, which includes the flywheel itself, wiring, and other details to make the system work. There are a few wires connected to the mechanism which are powered by different types of batteries, dependent on the blaster. Blasters that use this mechanism are all electronic blasters, which means that the electronic blasters use batteries.


  • The Ripsaw was the first Nerf blaster to feature a flywheel.
  • The Ripsaw, Gyro Strike and Buzzsaw use a very simplified version of a flywheel. The flywheel is powered by hand, unlike most flywheel blasters.
  • The Ballzooka MP150 and Motorized Disk Launcher were the first blasters to feature a modern version of the flywheel. Previous blasters featured hand-powered flywheels.
  • Flywheel blasters typically have an inductor added into the circuit as means let the motors rev-up at a slower rate and a diode to prevent reverse currents. These are product of toy safety standards.
  • The Nitron, Rapidstrike CS-18, Rhino-Fire, Khaos MXVI-4000, Mastodon and HyperFire are examples of flywheel blasters that are fully automatic rather than semi-automatic.
  • Accelerators, or boosters, for toy racetrack sets such as 'Hot Wheels' use a system similar to the flywheel. Whether or not the flywheel was based off it is unknown.

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