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The four dart clip is a Nerf dart clip. It comes packaged with the Electric Eel.


It is only compatible with the Electric Eel. It holds up to four Mega Darts at a time. It features transparent plastic, unlike the previous five dart clip, which featured yellow opaque plastic. This transparent plastic allows the Electric Eel to "charge" its glow-in-the-dark Mega Darts. From what is known today, it was never sold in a refill pack.


It was the successor to the five dart clip, which was previously included with the Sawtooth. It would be the last Mega Dart-compatible clip for fifteen years.

It was, alongside the five dart clip, spiritually succeeded by the 2013 Mega clip included with the Centurion.


  • It is the lowest capacity clip produced under the Nerf brand.
  • Due to the rarity of the clip itself, some dedicated Nerfers have created their own homemade versions of the clip.[1]


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