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Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger dart blasterFuryfire
Ammunition typeTagger Micro Darts
FeaturesOne tactical rail, dart storage in handle
Firing rangeThis blaster has a firing range of about twenty-five to thirty feet.[1]
ReliabilityThe Furyfire almost never jams. If the blaster is old and fired too fast, it might jam. It is incredibly accurate. It features a set of iron sights on its tip and uses Dart Tag Darts by default, which are known for having an excellent balance of range and accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster is quite different to a Maverick REV-6. It can unload up to two darts per second if the user's hand is on the priming mechanism.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to eleven darts at a time - the highest for any revolver (apart from the Stockade when its shoulder stock is used).
Final verdict and summary
Review PassDespite its size and simplistic look, the Furyfire is a powerful blaster. It boasts incredible accuracy and holds many darts at a time. It is well worth the purchase.


  1. SG Nerf (2009-08-15). SG Nerf: Nerf Furyfire - Review!.

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