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Glider Launcher
Blaster typeSingle-fire pump-action arrow blasterNerfglider
Ammunition typeAero gliders
FeaturesIntegrated arrow holders
Firing rangeBecause of the way this blaster is fired, it is presumed to have the same firing range as the NB-1 Missile Blaster (fifty feet).[1][2]
ReliabilityThe Glider Launcher is hard to steady. Its barrel pops out of place every once in a while as well. It has very low accuracy and arrows tend to fly off course.
Rate of fireThis blaster fires one glider a second.
CapacityThis blaster can hold three Aero gliders at once: one on the barrel of the blaster and two in its ammo holders. In addition to Aero gliders, the Glider Launcher is also compatible with Missiles and Mega Darts[3]
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Glider Launcher is an okay blaster for its time, but not the best overall. While it has a very powerful range for its size and age, there exist much more powerful arrow blasters.


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