Gliders are a Nerf product that was released in 1997 under the Aero series.


The Gliders that were released have so far been identified under two different variations. The first of which, the Super Soaring Glider, was a glider that was designed to be able to fly for long distances. The second of which, the Ultra Stunt Glider, was a glider that was designed to be able to make flips, loops and turns.

Both Gliders are simply foam arrows with different size wings and color schemes. It is possible more variations exist but have not been identified. The Gliders are launched by throwing them into the air, unlike with the other Aero product, the Glider Launcher, where the included Aero gliders were launched out of a blaster.


The Gliders were developed with NASA to give the Gliders the best performance possible.[1] Several months of research was put in before the release of this product.[2]

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