Glowstrike is a sub-series of Nerf Star Wars blasters that was released in fall of 2016.


The Glowstrike series features blasters with glow-in-the-dark capabilities. Most blasters also feature sounds when the firing trigger is pulled.

Glowstrike products


Name Year
CaptainCassianAndorBlaster Captain Cassian Andor Blaster 2016
CaptainCassianAndorDeluxeBlaster Captain Cassian Andor Deluxe Blaster 2016
Deathtrooperblaster Imperial Death Trooper Deluxe Blaster 2016
Jen Erso blaster Sergeant Jyn Erso Deluxe Blaster 2016
Unknown First Order Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster 2017

Official videos

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