H20ps, or H2Ops is a sub-series of Nerf Super Soakers that was released in spring of 2016.


The H20ps series is notable as it is the first modern series to feature only air-pressurized, pump-action soakers. Soakers released under the series advertise on their packaging as having "pressure-tech".[1]


The H20ps series was first discovered in September of 2015 by Southern Brisbane Nerf Club.[2]

H20ps Products

Super Soakers

Name Year
SquallSurge Squall Surge 2016
TornadoScream Tornado Scream 2016


  • The name "H20ps" is a play on words between "H2O" (dihydrogen monoxide), the chemical formula for water, and "ops", short for operatives or operation.
  • Curiously, while the series is primarily known as "H20ps" with a '0' (zero) replacing the 'O', neither H2O nor "ops" has the number 0 in it.


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