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Blaster typeElectronic clip system flywheel system dart blasterHailfire product
Ammunition typeElite Darts
FeaturesAdvance Handle, two tactical rails, three strap points
Firing rangeThis blaster shoots about fifty to sixty feet flat. At an angle, the blaster can reach up to seventy-five feet. When fired rapidly, it has a maximum of about sixty-five feet angled. This is underwhelming for an Elite blaster. [1]
ReliabilityThe Hail-Fire does not jam very often and it is easy to unjam. The ability to load clips into the blaster can sometimes be a little difficult and some users may have a hard time reloading on the fly. This is also coupled with the fact that it may be awkward to hold for some. Sometimes the advance handle doesn't work properly either. This blaster is pretty accurate. Darts will sometimes fishtail more with this blaster than the rest of the Elite line. There are also no direct iron sights on the blaster, so aiming may be slightly difficult.
Rate of fireThis blaster can fire up to two darts a second reliably. It can be fired at three darts a second but this causes the blaster to considerably lose range.
CapacityThe Hail-Fire comes packaged with four six dart clips and with twenty-four darts. The full advertised capacity of 144 darts is achieved with eight eighteen dart clips that are sold separately.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe main strong points of the Hail-Fire are its rate of fire and capacity. The ranges are less than stellar for an Elite blaster.


  1. GriffinMods (2012-10-20). HAIL-FIRE: In-Depth Review w/ Ranges and Ammo Capacity.

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