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Hornet AS-6
Blaster typeSingle-fire/multi-fire air-powered dart blasterHornet AS-6
Ammunition typeMicro Darts
FeaturesUnity Power System compatability
Firing rangeWhen pumped the maximum times and primed, a functional Hornet shoots from thirty-five to fifty feet straight. However, if there is a leak in any of the blaster's six barrels, ranges dramatically decrease down to less than ten feet.
ReliabilityBeing an air-powered blaster, it should not jam. However, the barrels can cause air leaks, which will affect the dart firing and range. Also, the Hornet's faulty air tank may cause it not to fire or fall short as far as ranges go. After the blaster is pumped up, it is strongly recommended that the darts be pushed tightly back into the barrels. Sometimes when it is being pumped, some of the darts will pop out. The blaster fires straight when in single fire mode. It takes practice to aim because the dart comes out of a different barrel each time. When fired all at once, the darts hit one or even multiple targets.
Rate of fireAll six darts can be fired at once, or they can be fired individually as fast as the trigger is being pulled. However, the reloading process is rather slow, with it needing about ten pumps to be fully primed.
CapacityThis blaster holds up to six darts at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Hornet is a very good blaster but it's not the best blaster to make a primary due to its poor reliability.

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