Huntsman is a series of Lanard dart and arrow blasters that was first released in 2013.


The Huntsman series, as its name suggests, is themed after sport hunting. Blasters are more realistic looking compared to previous Lanard blasters under the Total X-Stream Air series; blasters feature a subdued camouflage color scheme, with the exception of the Auto Scout.



Name Year
AutoScout Auto Scout 2013
DoubleBarrel-Huntsman Boomstick 2013
Commando12 Commando 12 2013
Huntsman50 Huntsman 50 2013
TheJudge The Judge 2013
RotatorX8-Huntsman Rotator X-8 2013
PillagerX12 Pillager X12 2013
SwiftstrikeCrossbow Swiftstrike Crossbow 2013
TrackerLongbow Tracker Longbow 2013

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