The Iron Flyers blasters are single-fire Nerf blaster that were released in 2013 to help promote the Iron Man 3 film.

Each comes packaged with one Tipped Dart and one Figure Dart.


The blaster is heavily based off of the Jolt EX-1, although the blaster features different internals. A notable similarity is the priming mechanism, although the mold is different on the Iron Flyers blasters.[1] There are two air release holes on the bottom side of the barrel.[2] Each blaster comes with one dart based upon the character the blaster is based upon, either Iron Man or War Machine, and one separate dart that bears a resemblance to an Elite Dart but is otherwise unrelated.

This blaster is advertised to shoot up to fifteen feet.[3]


The Iron Flyers blaster was first discovered in March of 2013.[4]

Color schemes

The Iron Flyers blasters have been released with the following color schemes:

  • Iron Man (red)
  • War Machine (black)

Reloading and firing

To reload the Iron Flyers blaster, simply place one dart over the top of the peg of the blaster. Pull back the priming mechanism until it cannot be extended any further.

Press the front trigger upwards to fire the blaster.


  • The red Iron Man variant is based on his Mark 42 armor from the film.



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