Jackal color

Concept art of Jackal by Brandon Dayton and Xavier Garcia.

Jackal is a character from the Nerf N-Strike video games. He is the hacker and mastermind of N-Strike Elite. His favorite blaster is the Recon CS-6.


Jackal was first recruited by B.O.B. after discovering his parents' N-Strike facility hidden within his house; they worked as N-Strike agents for B.O.B. He was quickly accepted into the N-Strike Elite and became an Elite Soldier.

In Nerf N-Strike, he is the second opponent Shane faces on his way to become the Elite Striker.

Between the first game and its sequel, Jackal recovers the destroyed B.O.B. and rebuilds him. He also begins to devise his plan for world domination.

In Nerf N-Strike Elite, Jackal contacts his team members and tells them that B.O.B. has returned and plans to kill them all. He helps his team throughout the game, but it is revealed near the end that he is the actual villain. He boasts that he was the one who rebuilt B.O.B.; he also has control over all the robots in the compound and sends them after the N-Strike Elite. His plans end up being foiled however, with the team defeating all the robots and guiding the rocket he planned to fire at Salt Lake City.