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The Raider CS-35's jam door.

A jam door is a standard feature of clip system blasters or electronic blasters. The jam door is a piece that slides back, allowing slight access to the internals in case of a jam. If a dart is jammed in the chamber, the user may remove it from there.


The jam door is usually orange (in some blasters black, or in the Hail-Fire's case, clear) with holes scattered around it. Flip-open doors are made up of one piece held in by a metal bar, and can flip up/slide open to allow access to the chamber. Slide-open doors usually use a friction ridge to stay closed, but sometimes rely on the blaster's priming system. In slide-open blasters, if the door is left open while the blaster is being primed, it will close as the handle is moved back. Modders sometimes choose to remove the jam door for even easier access to the chamber.

Blasters with jam doors


  • Normally, a blaster can not fire without completely closing the jam door.
  • Users of the Vortex blasters generally experience less jams than the typical N-Strike blasters. N-Strike Elite blasters also generally jam less than its predecessor line due to improved internals.
  • Instead of using jam doors, Vortex blasters often use a jam release switch on the side of the blaster (except for the Proton's, which is on the back). It is actually a plastic lever which unjams the disc. In extremely rare cases, the user may have to open up the blaster to pick out the jammed disc.

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