Ja-Ru's logo.


Ja-Ru is a toy company that was founded in 1961. It is based in Florida in the United States and produces multiple lines of toys.


Ja-Ru's toys are commonly released as product sets and party packs. They are infamous for having produced and released knock-offs of the Zuru X-Shot Micro and the Nerf N-Strike Scout IX-3.

Ja-Ru products


Name Year
BlowRocket Blow Rocket ?
BowShot Bow Shot ?
DartBlast Dart Blast ?
Scout knockoff Dart Blaster (N-Strike Scout IX-3) ?
ExtremeBlaster Extreme Blaster ?
PowerShot Power Shot (X-Shot Micro) ?
SpinShot Spin Shot ?
TechShooter Tech Shooter ?

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