The Klaw Hatchet is a Nerf melee weapon that was released in 2010 under the N-Force series.


It features a gray and orange color scheme. The weapon's handle is about a foot long and features a hatchet end. The grip is very comfortable, like most N-Force melee weapons. The hatchet is bearded in a style similar to ancient viking axes. This can be used for locking up an opponent's melee weapon. The hatchet can also be thrown with some skill, making it a good stopping weapon.


  • This weapon resembles both a tomahawk, a weapon and tool of Native American tribes as well as a bearded axe, a tool and weapon used by Viking tribes.
  • The most effective way to throw a Klaw Hatchet is by flicking it with the wrist instead of just throwing it like a football or baseball. This will put a nice spin on the hatchet and sometimes give it some speed.