Komodo as he appears in Nerf N-Strike Elite.

Komodo is a character from the Nerf N-Strike video games. He is N-Strike Elite's Quick-Fire Specialist. The only thing faster than his blasters are his reflexes. His favorite and default blaster is the Maverick REV-6.


Komodo was recruited by B.O.B. after showing skills in quick-draw matches based on western movies.

In Nerf N-Strike, Komodo is the first opponent Shane faces on his way to become the Elite Striker.

In Nerf N-Strike Elite, he is a playable character that uses mostly machine gun-like blasters.

List of Komodo's blasters


Komodo's personality is much different between the two games.

In Nerf N-Strike, Komodo is shown as a lover of cowboys and western films, despite being originally trained in martial arts (assumingly) by his grandfather.

In Nerf N-Strike Elite, Komodo is a very playful person with a load of energy, which can explain his interest with rapid firing blasters. He talks fast and can get excited very easily. It can be assumed that he is the youngest of the members due to his demeanor and height. He likes fighting against B.O.B.'s robots and sees almost no harm in them. In the mission "3...2...1...", he mentions his love for arcades; his favorite arcade game is Star Knuckle Seven.