Koosh Galaxy is a series of Koosh ball blasters that was released in 2012.


Koosh Galaxy blasters are advertised for younger children. All blasters fire Koosh Galaxy balls and the majority lack firing triggers.


This was the first line of blasters from Koosh since Koosh Vortex was dropped in 2000. The line was first previewed at the 2012 New York Toy Fair.



Image Name Year
AlienArcher Alien Archer 2012
SolarRecon Solar Recon 2012
SpaceAgen Space Agent 2012
StarScout Star Scout 2012
Galactagon Galactagon 2013
KometHunter Komet Hunter 2013


Image Name Year
BallClip Koosh ball clip 2012
KooshBallRefill Koosh Galaxy ball 2012

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