The Kronos XVIII-500 is a Nerf blaster that was released in spring of 2018[1] under the Phantom Corps sub-series.

It comes packaged with five High-Impact Rounds, two team flags (red and blue), and instructions.


The Kronos is a Nerf RIVAL blaster that holds up to five High-Impact Rounds in an internal magazine. It features two tactical rails, between the set of integrated iron sights, and a single strap point built into the handle. The loading door can be opened and used as a jam door should a jam happen,[2] and on the back of the Kronos is a priming indicator and an unjamming button, which, when pressed, will unlock the slide to fix the jam. Similar to other RIVAL blasters, the Kronos features a safety feature, which can be activated via switch on the left side, just above the firing trigger.


It was originally leaked in summer of 2017, along with the Helios XVIII-700, the Hades XVIII-6000, and the Prometheus MXVIII-20K. The Kronos was eventually announced at the September 2017 Hascon.

Its Deadpool variant was released before the Phantom Corps version.[3]

Color schemes

The Kronos will be released in the following color schemes:

Reloading and firing

To reload the Kronos, simply pull back the priming slide, and open up the loading door to load up to five High-Impact Rounds into the integrated magazine. Push the slide back forward to prime the blaster.

Pull the trigger to fire a round.


  • The Kronos is named after Cronus. In Greek mythology, Cronus was the leader and youngest of the first generation of the Titans; perhaps the blaster's name refers to the fact that it is smallest Rival blaster.
    • "Kronos" is a more popular way of spelling "Cronus".
    • Cronus was also the father of Zeus, after whom the Zeus MXV-1200 was named, as well as Hades, after whom the Hades XVIII-6000 was named, and Hera, namesake of the Hera MXVII-1200.
  • The Kronos has the lowest capacity of any Phantom Corps blaster, as well as the lowest capacity of any RIVAL blaster. Therefore, it also is the cheapest RIVAL blaster released.
  • This is the second RIVAL blaster to use an internal magazine, the first being the Artemis XVII-3000.
  • The Kronos shares some similarities with the Vortex Vigilon, as both are small blasters with internal magazines and similar capacity. It is also similar to the N-Strike Mega Magnus, in that it loads the internal magazine through the top of the breech.
  • Double-priming the Kronos by use of the jamming button permits two rounds in the chamber[4], but range becomes unpredictable and may suffer tremendously.


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