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Lanard's logo.

Lanard Toys Inc. is a toy company that manufactures several different types of toys, which includes dart blaster hybrids and water blasters. According to the company's Facebook page, the company was formed on January 20th, 1986.

The company is based in Hong Kong.


The blasters produced by Lanard are well known for having varying types of ammunition; there have been over ten individual ammunition types.


Lanard began selling dart blasters in 2003 under the "Total X-Stream Air" line, to market alongside their also-new "Total X-Stream" water blasters to target the Super Soaker brand. Since then, the water blaster line has been semi-active while new dart blasters are released yearly.

They have been marketed under the Air Zone brand since as beginning of the introduction of their blasters, being among the first companies to do so.

In 2010, Lanard was sued by Hasbro for infringing the Nerf Disk Shot patent.

A new series in the form of the Clear-X series was released in 2011. This series has since been discontinued.

In modern years, Lanard blasters have become increasingly hard to find, with many recent blasters not making the jump to North America.