Larami was a toy company founded in 1947. It was well known for its action figures and water guns; Larami was the original owner of the Super Soaker brand in 1989 and the SuperMAXX series in 1994.

They were purchased out by Hasbro in 1995. From there, they merged their SuperMAXX series with the Nerf series and began producing new blasters while still under the Larami name, the Power Nerf series, and most 1999-2001 blasters including the Blast Fire DX500 and the Gyro Strike. In 2002, the Larami brand name was retired and was no longer used on any blasters or products. The last Super Soaker line to feature new blasters from Larami was the CPS line.

Some Larami workers later went on to form and work for a new company, titled Buzz Bee Toys; this is especially noticeable in their Water Warriors line, where products have used patents introduced with the CPS line.

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