The Liquidator (also known in some countries as the Pressurizer) is a Hasbro Super Soaker that was released in 2004.


It is an air-based water soaker that uses a pump that is located beneath the trigger of the soaker, which was greatly used during the following 2005 SoakerTag Elite line. The soaker is the smallest soaker that was released in the SoakerTag line, and features the smallest capacity as well.

The Liquidator has two handles; one for the firing trigger, and an additional handle in front of it. It lacks any iron sights and its reservoir cap is in the way for any aiming guides on the soaker. For unknown reasons, underneath where the reservoir is situated is an open area. This could be used for adding a stock or a strap, however it is unknown what this open area actually does.


It is generally considered to be a successor to the Max-D Secret Strike, which was released the previous year. This is due to similar design and overall concepts. The blaster has an alternate title, the Pressurizer. It is unknown where or why the blaster was sold as the Pressurizer.

It was originally released in 2004, but was re-released several times into the 2005 SoakerTag Elite line, and the 2006 Max Infusion line. It was not continued into 2008's unnamed line and is assumed to be dropped from future plans.

The following year, a soaker was released under the SoakerTag Elite line which was known as the Triple Shot. This soaker was notable for featuring a similar design to the Liquidator and filling the same class. Because of this, it can be considered the soaker's successor, although the Triple Shot was not continued into the 2006 Max Infusion line whereas the Liquidator was.

Color schemes

The Liquidator has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Blue, green and gray
  • Teal, blue and green (Max Infusion)
  • Gray, green and blue (Max Infusion)


LiquidatorSoakerTagElite LiquidatorSoakerTag LiquidatorMaxInfusion2
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