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This is a list of series released under the Buzz Bee brand.


Color Category
Blue Upcoming availability
Green Available in stores
Red Discontinued series
Gray Unknown availability

List of Buzz Bee seriesEdit

Name Number of products Years active
Ruff Stuff Air Blasters 43 2003 - 2007 (continues overseas)
Air Blasters 35 2008 - 2011 (continues overseas)
Ultimate Blasters 6 2010 - 2012
Air Warriors 22 2011 - present
Wingz 2 2014 - present

List of Buzz Bee sub-seriesEdit

Name Number of products Years active
Air Warriors EXTREME 4 2012 - present
Air Warriors Flying Toys 2 2014 - present
Air Max ? 2015 - present
Ultra-Tek ? 2015 - present

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