This is a list of fictional Nerf Arena Blast blasters.



The Hyperstrike is the token "sniper rifle" blaster in Nerf Arena Blast.

It is belt-fed and features an integrated shoulder stock. Despite its alternate fire, it does not have any form of scope or aiming accessory.

It fires rockets at extremely high velocities, making the blaster seem as if it were shooting beams of energy.

Its alternate fire allows the player to zoom in and see opponents from further distances, despite the lack of any aiming apparatus.


Nerf Cannon

The Nerf Cannon is the token "grenade launcher" blaster in Nerf Arena Blast.

It fires large yellow and red Cannon Balls that bounce around the arena, damaging any player who is hit by them. The balls automatically detonate after ten seconds of not being touched.

Its alternate fire allows players to detonate the balls as they please, within ten seconds of firing them.



The Scattershot is the token "shotgun" blaster in Nerf Arena Blast.

It fires small, electromagnetic Scatter Pellets in a large radius. The radius spreads the further it is shot, making it much deadlier at closer ranges.

The Scattershot's alternate firing mode fires more accurately and more deadly, causing a small explosion when hitting an opponent or object. It also eats up four times the amount of ammunition.



Not to be confused with the Buzz Bee Sidewinder blaster.

The Sidewinder is a small yellow disc blaster in Nerf Arena Blast.

It fires yellow Mini-Discs that bounce off of walls and objects. It can damage an opposing player if it bounces into them.

Its alternate fire takes the player into a first person view of a player-guided disc; if an opponent is hit with the alternate fire, they are immediately knocked out. Clicking in this mode makes the disc explode in mid-air where it was last located. When using the Sidewinder's alternate fire, the player is completely vulnerable to the opponent's fire.



The Whomper is the strongest and slowest-firing blaster in Nerf Arena Blast. It is also the only blaster in the game to be an energy-based weapon, running on Whomper Batteries.

When the player fires the blaster, it goes into a two second "charging up" animation before releasing a large sphere of energy. This detonates on contact with anything, causing a large explosion that knocks out everyone in range.

The Whomper's alternate fire makes the blast larger and stronger, but at a very risky trade-off; if the player is hit while in the two second "charge up" animation, they will "explode". This represents the weapon getting damaged during the charging process, causing a chain reaction that detonates the weapon, taking its wielder with it.


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