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Longshot front blaster
Blaster typeSingle-fire reverse plunger barrel extension/dart blaster1028085
Ammunition typeStreamline Darts
FeaturesCan be used as a barrel extension, integrated dart storage
Firing rangeThis blaster's firing range reaches distances of up to around twenty feet.[citation needed] Further ranges can be achieved by making sure the dart is pushed into the muzzle as far as it can go.
ReliabilityThe LSFB cannot jam. The ammo holders on top of the blaster do not provide a very tight fit and darts often fall off if the blaster is moved around too quickly. This blaster has average accuracy.
Rate of fireThis blaster has a rate of fire of about one dart every two seconds.
CapacityThis blaster can hold up to five darts at a time. One dart is held in the muzzle of the blaster, while the others can be placed in a groove in the top of the blaster.
Final verdict and summary
Review FailThe Longshot Front Blaster works best as a barrel extension rather than a secondary weapon; it has a rather lackluster firing range and a slow rate of fire. There are many other blasters that outclass it as a backup blaster and much more suited for a Nerf war.

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