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Sonic Longstrike CS-6
Blaster typeSingle-fire clip system reverse plunger dart blasterSoniclongstrike
Ammunition typeStreamline Darts
FeaturesPackaged barrel extension, packaged flip-up sight, packaged/integrated shoulder stock, four tactical rails, three strap points
Firing rangeThe Sonic Longstrike has average power for a reverse plunger blaster. With the barrel extension off, it can reach ranges of up to about thirty to forty feet flat. With the barrel extension on, ranges decrease by about ten feet. [1] It has up to a five to fifteen feet increase from its original blue counterpart.
ReliabilityThe reliability of this blaster is very good. It jams much less than the original Longstrike CS-6; if kept in decent quality it will jam once every forty to fifty darts. Like the original, this blaster is slightly hard to reload and prime because of the position the bolt is located. For an unknown reason, the cocking bolt is easier to pull back to reload than the standard Longstrike CS-6.
This blaster has extremely good accuracy for a reverse plunger blaster. With the barrel extension off, it can hit targets from about thirty feet away. If the user adds the barrel extension the Longstrike comes packages with and also uses either Elite Darts, Whiteout Streamline Darts or homemade Stefans, the accuracy is increased hugely, and can hit targets from forty-five feet away or even fifty feet if lucky. It has noticeable better accuracy than the blue Longstrike.
Rate of fireThis blaster has a rate of fire of about one to two darts a second.
CapacityThis blaster can hold up to six darts in its packaged six dart clip. Another two six dart clips can be placed in the stock, totaling at eighteen darts in total.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Sonic Longstrike is definitely an improvement over the blue Longstrike in range and accuracy. Although it is slightly more expensive than the standard one, it can be purchased at most Toys "R" Us stores. If someone wishes to get a Longstrike, the Sonic Series blaster is one of the best for purchase, along with the Whiteout Longstrike.


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