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The Lumitron is a Nerf blaster that was released on March 3, 2012 under the Vortex series.

It comes packaged with a Firefly Tech magazine, ten XLR discs, and instructions.


It is essentially a re-released Praxis with the exception of the stock. It features a tactical rail on top of the blaster and has two points for a sling or bandolier to be attached. It has magazine release levers on either side of the blaster behind the firing trigger; it also features a point for a detachable shoulder stock to be attached to.

Unlike the Praxis, this blaster does not come with a shoulder stock; instead it features a Firefly Tech magazine that holds up to ten XLR discs at a time.

It features a de-jam switch above the magazine on the right hand side.

It takes four 'AA' batteries to operate the magazine light to make the discs glow

Reloading and firing

To reload the Lumitron, load up to ten discs into the packaged magazine. The magazine is then loaded into the blaster, which is then locked into place. The blaster is then primed by sliding the priming mechanism back and then sliding it forward.

To fire a disc, pull the trigger.


  • It has a shotgun-like pump similar to the Raider CS-35 and Alpha Trooper CS-18.
  • Similar to the Pyragon, the Lumitron can hold eleven XLR discs by reloading and priming, then taking out the magazine, placing a new disc into it, and loading the magazine back in.
  • Like the Praxis, the Lumitron has its own method of slam-firing that can be pulled off if performed correctly.


Official videos


  1. SG Nerf: Singapore Nerf Stock List.

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