The Mad Hornet is an air-powered Nerf blaster that was released in 1997 under the Max Force series.

It comes packaged with six Micro Darts.


It slightly resembles a hornet to keep in the theme with the Max Force blasters. The blaster uses air pressure and is pumped with the pump at the front of the blaster. There is a space at the front of the blaster for a hand to rest. It has a six-dart rotating cylinder.


It was Nerf's first air powered blaster to feature a firing trigger.

It was initially planned for a 1996 release, appearing in 1996 catalogs. However, it was delayed until a 1997 release because of a safety issue with the Sting Meter on the blaster, which could cause injuries if it came in contact with soft or sensitive body parts such as eyes. [1]

Later in 1997, it was re-released under the Max Force 2112 line.


MadHornetBox Mad Hornet Back ImageMadHornet
The full image gallery for Mad Hornet may be viewed at Mad Hornet/Gallery.

Official videos


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