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The Magnus is a Nerf blaster that was released under the N-Strike Elite Mega sub-series in 2014.

It comes packaged with three Mega Darts.


The Magnus has a tethering point on the lower-part of the handle and a tactical rail on the bottom of the blaster. The blaster has a textured grip. It is internally fed similarly to the Vigilon or the Speedload 6; it holds up to three Mega Darts in total. The jam release button is on the left side of the blaster in a form of a small round orange button, but it is nearly never needed.

It is advertised with a firing range of up to eighty-five feet.


The Magnus was the second Mega blaster to be discovered. It was first discovered in September 2013.

In some countries, the Magnus was given soft releases in November to December 2013. It was formerly a Toys R Us exclusive in Singapore until Summer 2014.

It was re-released under the Z.E.D. Squad sub-series in the Magnus 2-Pack.

Color schemes

The Magnus has been released with the following color schemes:

  • Standard (red, gray, and orange)
  • Zombie Strike red (red, gray, and orange)
  • Zombie Strike blue (blue, gray, and orange)
  • Sonic ICE (clear blue, gray and orange)

Reloading and firing

To reload the Magnus, pull back the priming slide and load in up to three Mega Darts. Push forward the priming slide to finish priming the blaster.

Pull the trigger to fire a dart.


MEGA Magnus Commerical01:15

MEGA Magnus Commerical

The official Magnus commercial.

  • It is possible to shoot the Magnus with an Elite Dart inside a Mega Dart, but it will reduce range. When

fired with an Elite Dart inside a Mega Dart, the Elite Dart will come out just enough for users to manually pull it out.

  • This is the only N-Strike Elite Mega blaster to have a built-in-clip.
  • A chambered dart may fall out of the Magnus if the blaster is swung by the grip.
  • To use the Magnus as a single shot, muzzle-loaded blaster, prime it, then a dart can be inserted into the barrel without reloading the internal magazine for a quick shot.


MegaMagnusPackaging Magnus-Model3 Magnus-Model2
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