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Blaster typeSingle-fire air-powered dart blasterNerf magstrike
Ammunition typeTagger Micro Darts
FeaturesOne tactical rail
Firing rangeThe Magstrike has a wide range, firing anywhere from twenty to forty feet straight.
ReliabilityThis hardy Nerf blaster is unable to jam. The only problem with the blaster is with how the clip works. As the blaster is fired, the clip raises out of the blaster and occasionally may fall back in, skipping shots and wasting air on already empty chambers. Only one or two clips come with the blaster, depending on the type purchased, and they are hard to store due to their size.
The Magstrike is not particularly accurate. However, because of the blaster's large amount of darts, it can hit targets rather well.
Rate of fireThe Magstrike has one of the highest rates of fire of any Nerf blaster, firing at about eight to ten darts per second. Unfortunately, reloading the clips and pumping is a real pain.
CapacityThe Magstrike can hold one clip of ten darts at a time.
Final verdict and summary
Review PassThe Magstrike is an all around great Nerf blaster. The blaster works best at short to medium ranges, and like all high rate of fire Nerf blasters, the Magstrike is an excellent ambush and position holding weapon.

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